A Novice’s Study of the Accelerative Processes of the Universe

Laurence (Lance) Thompson

Accelerative Processes

As mass builds from primordial plasma, primordial galaxies form, gravitational strength increases. Time and space reach fullness.

Entropy could not function without mass, space, time, and structure. Entropy would also be a “product” of the resulting accelerative expansion in forming and shaping the parameters of the universe.

In the building gravitational fields; distant gravitational fields would have little or no attraction on primordial galaxies with weak gravitational fields. (1)

When including the accelerative recession of local galaxies in lengthening primordial energy waves, the universe could have from the white hole singularity low, initial primordial galaxy recessions.

The accelerative expansion of galaxies could be from low mass spiral galaxy beginnings (an accelerative “zero”) to a rapid accent. Increasing gravitational buildup could then be followed by a slowing, a leveling (as an apogee) to then an accelerative decent into extinguishment.

Note: this leveling could appear to an observer as “straight line” acceleration from the beginning to galactic ending. Yet I feel the changing rates of acceleration might be deduced by observing the long term rate of evolutionary change of galaxies.

Primordial Spiral Galaxies

From my studies, I feel the spiral shape of primordial appearing galaxies (as in reference one) could be due to an accelerative force taking shape within these early galaxies. Such a force could be a composite force of both deceleration and acceleration aspects and with a net overall acceleration in contributing to the early accelerative expansion of matter in the universe.

Extinguishment Singularities

In extinguishment, galaxies and massive black holes could be falling into extinguishment singularities with no visibility, except the galaxies approaching an in-falling boundary. (2)  

The microwave background radiation together with dark energy and dark matter and surrounding space would be drawn inward into “extinguishment”.

In extinguishment even “escaping” energy would be unable to surmount an outer extinguishment horizon. Thus satisfying Olbers’ paradox as our night sky retains darkness.

When mass and associated parameters would no longer be within reach, an extinguishment singularity could continue collapsing of its own accord, leaving voids in the universe.

This terminal collapse would also take place because gravitational forces would also collapse when “unsupported” by the other collapsing parameters.

In effect, extinguishment could be the reverse of cosmological renewal.

Cosmological Renewal

With the collapse of the formed parameters, an extinguishment singularity could be as “back to back” with the white hole singularity. Both extinguishment and renewal, as it were, “in the same place”.

In support of renewal, the cooler spot of the cosmic microwave background radiation (3) could be from the extinguishment of temperature (as atomic motion) of in-falling galaxies and black holes (as former “universes”).

In accordance with The First Law of Thermodynamics, primordial white hole plasma from prior extinguishments could have its highest quality, for the renewal of the parameters of the universe.

In renewal, the microwave radiation would also be renewing to be measured some 14 billion years later (in our time and space) as the microwave background radiation.

An Accelerative Interpretation

In accelerative process galactic matter could originally have had a primordial “quantum jump”, as instantaneous, as without time, to the subatomic plasma of the white hole singularity.

This quantum jump of individual “packets” of energy, in the timelessness of the primordial singularity, could always be taking place. Hence the matter in galaxies could originally have come from an instantaneous quantum beginning.

In the big bang, one time acceleration this would seem to solve that primordial plasma could have had an instantaneous beginning.

However, it cannot solve all matter as an instantaneous beginning at the “same instant”. In accelerative process the evolutionary stages of the universe could always be taking place from the timelessness of the primordial singularity, some 14 billion light years over the cosmological horizon from our completed frame of reference.

The accelerative process description could then be accounting for the vast amounts of energy and mass in the universe.

In this accelerative interpretation the “release” from intense gravitation in the white hole singularity could also be from the breakdown of gravitational forces.

Completion and Accelerative Processes

Newton’s physics and Einstein’s highly accurate predictions would be to that point in time and space of the underlying accelerative process.

An observer’s measure of “the age” of the universe and of the microwave background radiation would also be completion measures of the underlying accelerative process.

Completion though could not account for past changes in the rate of change of accelerative processes. The formation of the local galaxies could have had both a slower and a more rapidly forming past.

A cosmological constant may then be necessary in completion descriptions – with an accelerative description helping to fill the accelerative gap of completion descriptions. 

Yet how an observer measures and describes the universe would set a completion of the universe which would not otherwise possible. It is as if the universe could be centered, in an observer’s space and time, wherever an observer would be in the universe.

Hence in an accelerative process description an observer’s measurements and an measure of the age of the universe are left “as is”, as without change. 

In accelerative processes “the change” would be to include the dynamic processes taking place in the universe, not only as isolated events, but as part of broader cosmological processes. (4)

The Complimentary Accelerative Process Description

I am proposing accelerative process could be the complimentary description to an observer’s completion descriptions and measurements.  Both descriptions separately and then together could give a fuller understanding of the universe.

What may be possible in one description may not be possible in the other – and vice versa.

Non Reducible Information

The likelihood of non reducible information is inferred from the nature of accelerative process and from the “no information lost paradox”. (5)

As the formed parameters would be accelerative products, information itself could be non reducible. Non reducible information could underlie time and space, matter and gravitation, finiteness of motion, and frames of reference.

In the timelessness of accelerative process, such non reducible information as in “who would hold the whole” could always be available to higher life, perhaps human type life in the universe.

The possibility in the complimentary accelerative process is a refreshing of the interface of science with philosophy and philosophy with science.

References and Notes

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Source is Simons Foundation, April 25, 2018, referencing closely spaced, primordial appearing galaxies with weak appearing gravitational fields.

In going back to my files I read: “David Koo …we see about 25,000 of these blue galaxies in a spot of sky as big as the full moon.”, Charles Petit writing for the San Francisco Chronicle, June 23, 1989.

Yet there seems no follow thru to these primordial appearing spiral galaxies.

Could this be because there is not a process oriented model which could include these highly redshifted to blue galaxies and the subsequent galactic evolution?

 (2) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Attractor .   Could the “Great Attractor” be an extinguishment singularity with no visibility except countless galaxies falling, accelerating, toward an unknown “object”?

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(6) In accelerative systems, at increasingly higher velocities deceleration becomes increasingly difficult. Yet, if high velocity closes for distant space travel might another way open?

Quantum computing in approaching absolute zero temperature would also imply a stateless “state” without time and space.

 As science fiction, might it be possible to “put” a quantum signal into “a timeless statelessness”? Without space and time such a signal might traverse the universe “under” the formed parameters and without violating the fundamental velocity of the signal.

In this science fiction speculation a quantum type signal might then reach and be “timely” returned from distant, far off civilizations.  

(7) This article recently came to my attention: https://www.livescience.com/universe-had-no-beginning-time  by Paul Sutter. Yes – but what is the process?

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