This Accelerative Universe, a Novice’s Outline of a Broad Process

Laurence (Lance) Thompson

The Forming Parameters

With accelerative expansion, mass builds from primordial plasma. Spiral galaxies form with initially low galactic recessions. (1, 2) As time and space become full, gravitational strengths increase. With increasing structure entropy also increases.

Primordial Spiral Galaxies

These early primordial galaxies could have both an incipient black hole and an incipient accelerative force within such galaxies.

The forming spirals could be a primordial force which could have contributed to the accelerative expansion of the universe.


(I first address extinguishment for clues as to how the universe “begins”.)

As follows from primordial accelerative expansions, later gravitational forces in mature galaxies could lead to a leveling off, an apogee, of galactic recessional velocities.

This “leveling off”, as likely a more stable galactic region, could appear as “straight line” acceleration from the primordial zero. Yet, due to increasing gravitation a dip could be in the rate of galactic recessions before an accelerative descent into extinguishment.

This last galactic stage could be a terminal accelerating, a falling into extinguishment of large galactic regions into terminal black holes. Such singularities would have no visibility, except the galaxies approaching an in-falling boundary. (3) 

“Escaping” Energy within an “extinguishment boundary” would fall back again and again into “extinguishment”. In satisfying Olbers’ paradox, energy would not stay in the formed universe. The night sky retains its darkness.

When mass and associated parameters would no longer be within reach, an extinguishment singularity could continue collapsing of its own accord, leaving voids with little or no matter. (This “own accord” results from gravitational forces, in a seeming paradox, as also collapsing.)

The Collapse of Gravitational Forces

In extinguishment, gravitational forces would “reach a place” in which gravitational forces would be unsupported by the other collapsing parameters. Gravitational forces would likewise collapse.

Note: I visualize extinguishment singularities as the reverse of the forming white hole primordial singularity parameters.


Entropy would be formed as mass and structure form from primordial plasma. Entropy, in the breakdown of form and structure, would ensure the universe does not become “frozen” on one level. Yet extinguishment could be the ultimate entropic reduction, including entropy.


With the collapse of space and time, mass and gravitational forces, extinguishment singularities could be “back to back” with the white hole primordial singularity.

The cold spot of the cosmic background radiation could be a partial transfer of physical information from prior extinguishments.

The cold spot could be representing former extinguishment singularities which would be without atomic motion and without temperature.

Primordial plasma could be quantum packets of plasma energy coming into existence from the extinguishment singularities of prior “universes”.

In support of known physics, primordial plasma could then be a recycling, in whatever form, that energy could neither be created nor destroyed.

 In renewal, The First Law of Thermodynamics would support primordial plasma as of a highest quality for a renewal of mass, space, time, gravitational forces, and the succeeding accelerative expansion of the universe.

With the succeeding cosmological building of form and structure, entropy would increase and become the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

An Accelerative Interpretation

In accelerative process galactic matter could originally be from innumerable “quantum jumps” of individual packets of energy, as instantaneous, to the subatomic primordial white hole plasma.

This instantaneous release of plasma energy, in the timelessness of the primordial singularity, could always be taking place. Hence matter in the individual galaxies could have originally come from an instantaneous beginning.

However, in an accelerative process description primordial galaxies could also always be forming from the timeless primordial singularity.

In an accelerative process description, the timelessness of the primordial singularity could then be accounting for the energy and mass in the universe.

To an earth observer the cosmic microwave background radiation could be as a “one time event. Yet in an accelerative process description that “one time event” could be taking place “now”, over “the event” horizon from earth telescopes.

Completion Descriptions and Accelerative Process

An observer’s measure of “the age” of the universe and of the microwave background radiation would be completion measures. These measures would be from a completed frame of reference as underlain by accelerative processes.

Newton’s physics and Einstein’s highly accurate predictions would be completion measures of the underlying accelerative process – completion measures at that time in space the energy waves were bent by massive galaxies. 

An observer measures would set a completion of the universe to that point in time and space of an observer’s frame of reference. This completion could only be set by an observer and an observer’s instruments.

Hence completion measurements and measures of the age of the universe are left without change – regardless of the location of an observer.  (Another completion would be an observer in a completer frame of reference.)

An accelerative process description could have an evolutionary “flexibility” in the parameters of the universe. The formation and evolution of galaxies could have had both a slower and a more rapidly forming past.

 A cosmological constant may then be necessary with an accelerative process description filling the gap of completion descriptions and measurements. 


Source is Simons Foundation, April 25, 2018, referencing closely spaced, primordial appearing galaxies with weak appearing gravitational fields.

(2) “David Koo …we see about 25,000 of these blue galaxies in a spot of sky as big as the full moon.” Charles Petit, the San Francisco Chronicle, June 23, 1989. Yet there seems no follow thru to primordial galaxies with weak gravitation.

Could this be because there is not a process model which could include: these highly redshifted to blue wave lengths, weak gravitation, and the subsequent galactic evolution?

 (3) .  Could “The Great Attractor” be an extinguishment singularity with no visibility except countless galaxies with very massive black holes falling, as in accelerating, toward an unknown “object”?


A. In addition to other causes of red shifting, accelerative process would include the accelerative expansion of the local galaxies in lengthening energy waves from the primordial region. Red shifting between galaxies due to the resulting expansion would be secondary to accelerative process in “putting in place” the expansion.

B. The primordial spiral galaxies could be a primordial force which could precede the later building up of mass and gravitational forces. Such a primordial force may be “missing energy” in the expansion of the universe.

C. In accelerative process entropy could be the “negative” which would become “incorporated” in the positive. The “negative” as the backside of the positive would be entropy in insuring change and flexibility in nature.

D. Aristotle’s immoveable mover and first motion(s), as the accelerative reference zero, would underlie subsequent motions.

E. Plato’s non reducible forms could be useful in studying the universe as accelerative process.

F.  Non physical mathematics would not be subject to extinguishments.

G. Accelerative process, in its immeasurability, neither proves nor disproves timeless “essence”. Accelerative processes could though include this possibility as: “who would hold the whole?”

H. In accelerative processes genetic viability in the human gene pool from many individuals, over evolutionary time, would help insure the viability of our species. The stronger individuals in one environment may be the weaker in another environment and vice versa.

I. As science fiction speculation, might it be possible to “put in and take out” quantum signals from statelessness. Without time and space, quantum signals might timelessly traverse the universe – without violating the signal velocity.

J. In the new James Webb telescope the non finding could be as significant as the finding. In accelerative process I feel a primordial accelerative force in the early to maturing spiral galaxies could be contributing to accelerative expansion. My prediction is the James Webb telescope would not find the necessary dark energy/mass to fully account for the expansion of the universe.

K. Should others wish to explore the universe as a centered accelerative process, a starting place would be to include our accelerative recession, over time and space, from the primordial singularity.

L. Those persons who study in this possibly new, emerging field would be novices. Due to the broadness of study, regardless of one’s degrees, a sense of being a novice should always remain.

M. I use a simple mind/thought exercise in which I seem as included as a participant in the process I am exploring. I wonder if my exercise might have application in other fields.

N. I edit when appropriate. January 19, 2022, lance[at]